DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer - Convert DXF Polylines or small lines to arcs - Contour smoothing

Software DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer


DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer


Software for post-processing of 2D - DXF graphics and drawings (DXF format 12 or lower) which are intended for CNC machining.

For the use of CAD- and graphics data for CNC machining curve elements such as ellipses, bezier-curves and splines are often decomposed into polylines or into very small line segments. The software „DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer“ allows the transformation of such small line segments into circular arcs and longer lines for an improved CNC - machining.

Also the program has a function for smoothing converted curves. In addition, the quality of scanned polyline graphics can be greatly improved. Language: German and English


System requirements
Operating System  : Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Computer Processor: 2 Ghz (DualCore) or better
Screen Resolution:  1024x768 pixels or higher
Computer Memory:  2 GB or more

Reduction of the number of lines.

Convert small lines or polylines into arcs.
Smoothing of generated curve contours.


Improvement of workpiece quality.       

Avoiding jerky movements during CNC machining, which can occur by too many small line segments.

Convert  DXF Polyline and Spline to arcs

Hint: Convert DXF splines to arcs

For the conversion of splines from CAD- or graphic- programs with DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer you must save these curves in the DXF Format Version 12 or lower. In this format the curves are automatically converted into polylines. Splines are implemented differently by CAD- or graphic- programs. When loading DXF splines, which are created with other programs, very big deviations in the curve-trajectory are possible. These very strong deviations are avoided when the splines are stored as polylines (DXF format R12).


DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer V 2.0
DXF R12 CNC Polyline Reducer   - Single-user license for one workstation
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